Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding Home - The Dream Sheet

When I was younger my ideal home was a rambling old farmhouse, Victorian era preferably, with lots of wood and architectural interest, a wrap around porch, and plenty of land for growing things and catering to wildlife. Of course, that vision included a husband and children to help with it all. Once I was a single working mother, I learned to appreciate the feeling of safety and convenience living closer to 'civilization' afforded. Now my son is grown and about to launch, and I find myself at yet another turning point in life.

So what do I want now, really? To some extent it depends on when you ask me. If you ask while I'm doing laundry, I'll tell you I want a laundry room that isn't two floors away from my bedroom. If you ask me in the spring, I'll tell you I need way more room to garden - in mid-August I'll tell you a small garden is really more practical. If I've just stubbed my toe or whacked my elbow on something, I'll tell you I need more room. But when I'm cleaning or doing exterior maintenance, I'll tell you I need a much smaller place. You get the picture. Obviously I need to organize my thoughts about how much and what kinds of space I need.

The basics are fairly easy:
  • Kitchen/Dining - I like to cook when the conditions are right and the kitchen is organized and well stocked, but I'm not a gourmet chef and have no inclination in that direction. Moderate amount of space here.
  • Bathroom - bigger than I have now, that's for sure, but again fairly basic. As much as I love a good relaxing soak in a garden tub, I don't want to have to clean it - I can do without.
  • Laundry room (or closet) - I'm flexible here but I'm also a woman; gotta have room to hang up those delicates.
Now it starts to get a bit more difficult. The spaces that, theoretically, I should be using on a regular basis are the living room, my large bedroom, and my workroom. The reality is that I spend most of my time in my bedroom. I rarely use the living room, and the workroom almost never except to store materials. Clearly, I can be happy with less space, especially if it's well organized.

The problem of course, is my hobbies. I read a lot, I engage in a variety of fiber arts, I draw and photograph, and I garden. Translation: books, paper, yarn, thread, canvas, beads, fabric, markers, brushes, assorted tools, and photographic equipment. How do I create storage and workspace - a studio in effect - without having to live amidst clutter? This will be the biggest challenge.

Finally, I want everything on one floor, with lots and lots of windows. A transition space at the front entry, and a covered porch somewhere would be lovely. Extra storage is always a plus. And yes, more room to garden - even in August.

Now that I have a clearer picture, it will be easier to evaluate those tiny house time.

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  1. We move, a lot, and with each new home, I find things that I want, and do not want. My list of what comprises the ideal home is getting longer and longer. We're probably going to have to custom build ;D